‘Greece’s Odyssey for Sustainable Fashion’, Culture Trip

‘If something is well-made, it grows and ages with you; it becomes part of you. Once we begin appreciating better quality, the need for novelty wears off,’ posits Stamos Fafalios over email. It’s the end of the Sustainable Fashion event in Athens, and I’ve contacted him to find out how Greek designers are coping during these austereContinue reading “‘Greece’s Odyssey for Sustainable Fashion’, Culture Trip”

KEIN magazine interview: The Summer House

Indian brand The Summer House make sustainable clothes with designs that draw on traditional craftsmanship and render them in modern, timeless silhouettes. They also offer homewares, working directly with local creatives and NGOs to ensure direct benefit to the makers. As such, The Summer House represents a new kind of brand, working towards a more sustainable, globalContinue reading “KEIN magazine interview: The Summer House”